'Sirens' Tour - Sidewinder with Thunderchild

The Jam Factory, 159, 17th Avenue, Tauranga

Energetic rock band intent on delivering catchy guitar riffs and vocal melodies on top of a thumping rhythm section.... Desert rock meets the Mississippi

Formed in October 2020, Sidewinder are a new combination of experienced Wellington based musicians. They play a groove laden brand of bluesy desert rock with a grungy, southern rock twist. Their energetic live shows have been very well received by fans and fellow musicians alike. Early 2021 Sidewinder have been in the studio recording their first set of singles and will be releasing them with accompanying tours over the course of the year. Band Members: Jason Curtis (lead vocals) Ben Sargent (guitar) Thomas Rousell (guitar) Sean Fitzpatrick (bass) Corey Mudge (drums)